[General] Instructions for Lively Server Setup?

Philip Weaver philmaker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 18:08:20 CET 2009

I've made some more progress.
In brazil.config, change main.handlers to:
     main.handlers=session proxymap proxy template file

In defaultconfig.js: (maybe even localconfig.js)
     proxyURL: '', (error with

When I try to authenticate, the WikiNavigator can not be found. This is
likely because in Main.js, the WikiNavigator is initialized only if the
page/world has serialized contents.

If any of this is documented somewhere or if other config files exist I've
missed it.

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 11:31 AM, Philip Weaver <philmaker at gmail.com> wrote:

> How does a user configure a server to allow saving a Lively world? Is it
> possible to save a world if loading a file directly from the filesystem?  Up
> until now I've been calling my own code from Main.js when working locally -
> and without persistence.
> All of the following is based on a checkout I did about a week ago.
> In brazil.config
>     Changed port to 80.  (was 8081)
>     Uncommented proxy lines.
> In defaultconfig.js
>     Changed port to 80. (was 8081)
> Ran 'runbrazil.sh' as root.
> Load index.xhtml
>     Can't load Pen.lkml
>     Can't load finance.google.com
>     Can't load download.finance.yahoo.com
>     Can't load feeds.bbc.co.uk.com
> I edited brazil.config and added: mime.lkml=text/xml
> Pen.lkml now loads when I refer to it directly.
> These are the lines I had uncommented in brazil.config for the proxy
> handling.
>  proxymap.class=sunlabs.brazil.handler.UrlMapperHandler
> proxymap.match=^/proxy/(.*)
>  proxymap.replace=http://\\1
> proxy.class=sunlabs.brazil.proxy.ProxyHandler
> Tried to access directly:
> Got the error: Not Found
> while trying to obtain /trunk/source/kernel/proxy/www.apple.com
> Up until now I've been calling my own code from Main.js when working
> locally. I will keep working in the wiki online but I'd feel like less of a
> wiki spammer if I get this running locally. I also need to be able to test
> locally with persistence. at some point I'd also like to be able to host
> (displaying a Lively badge of course). :-)
> Errata: Otherwise if I load the world directly from the filesystem and
> select "publish world as", I see Null value Core.js line 719. Not sure if
> Lively is meant to work this way though. :-)
> addSystemDictionary: function(doc) {
> var dict = lively.data.Wrapper.dictionary;
>  if (!dict) return;
> var preExisting = doc.getElementById(dict.id); // <-----------------------
> Core.js line 719
>  if (preExisting)
> preExisting.parentNode.removeChild(preExisting);
> var newDict = dict.cloneNode(true);
>  doc.getElementsByTagName('svg')[0].appendChild(doc.importNode(newDict,
> true));
> },
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