[General] Frozen Worlds: Hand Outside World Bounds

Philip Weaver philmaker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 17:04:42 CET 2009

In my own hosted Lively sometimes my worlds don't open properly - it appears
that a world is loading underneath or to the side of my world and the hand
works for that region but not for the deserialized morphs. Sometimes this
can be intermittent. For a couple of periods this has been continuous to
where every time I load a world it is always "frozen" (it appears that a
world is loading underneath or to the side of my world). The issue persists
even when I clear my cache and restart. No errors in the console. When this
begins to occur it affects ever one of my existing worlds.
I have already reinstalled once but this has come back. So my main question
is: what is going on that could be causing the hand to operate outside the
bounds of the deserialized morphs/deserialize world?

My local config is:

Config.askBeforeQuit = false;
Config.showWikiNavigator = false;
Config.skipMostExamples = true;
Config.skipAllExamples = true;
Config.showCurveExample = false;
Config.showGridDemo = false;

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