[General] Lurkers to Workers

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at Sun.com
Tue May 5 21:02:15 CEST 2009

We are still working our way up to a proper release.  The Lively 
Kernel itself seems pretty well ready at this point, as it now runs 
reasonably on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome in both SVG and Canvas 
variants (at least in the Beta versions that offer Canvas).

It would be nice to be able to add Canvas and SVG variants of Opera 
and Internet Explorer.

I believe that Opera only fails due to a few runtime issues and a few 
syntax issues that should be fairly easy to clear up.  It's a nice 
platform in that it supports both Canvas and SVG already, and it runs 
on a number of mobile devices.

Internet Explorer is another matter.  There is a plugin to supply SVG 
for IE (see http://www.examotion.com/), and I believe there are a 
couple of packages that will support most canvas operations in IE by 
using VML (see...
).  I believe that the main hurdle for IE is their JavaScript which 
has several incompatibilities with our code.  What I don't know is 
how serious theres are and/or what is needed to run al alternative JS 
in its place.  What I read looks pretty daunting.  The best solution 
for IE may be for us to complete a Java applet that runs LK, and then 
folks can (hopefully) start this up in IE.  But that won't happen in 
time for the release.

Anyone want to earn a silver star by getting Opera to run Lively 
Kernel?  Partial credit will also be awarded for making enough 
progress to be clear about what more is needed.

	- Dan

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