[lively-kernel] Wikipedia Entry for Lively: April 23rd Update

Dan Ingalls danhhingalls at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 00:59:04 CEST 2010

>I went ahead and posted the entry live:
>Added example code section for clock morph. I added an image of 
>Dan's radial engine which I had grabbed from the main page at 
><http://lively-kernel.org>lively-kernel.org. My expectation is that 
>it will be pulled down within a day - just watch. :-) Any attorney's 
>on this list to help navigate this image uploading process? :-)

Phil -

This is great!  Thanks for pushing it over the wall.

I'd like to update the clock to use Text.makeLabel that shortens some 
of the style code, and also polygon hands because they look so much 
nicer.  Since you did so well with this, maybe I'll send you a couple 
of (tested) changes.

Then we should have an image o the clock next to it, and for both 
that image and the engine, we should have a link to run in approved 
browsers (*)

Thanks again!

(*) Hey, we still need a Chrome Frame preamble for IE users, and we 
still need to fix the Opera bug.
I'll play with these over the weekend, but if anyone makes progress, 
post it right away so I don't duplicate.
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