[General] Re Batik/Rhino hangs on Chrome on a Mac

Peter Fraser pfraser at spatialmedia.com
Tue Jan 5 02:55:07 CET 2010

Thanks for trying it.

Can I ask...

1. What JRE are you running?

2.  What (if anything) do you see in the Java console?

I see the following:

Opening URL: http://www.spatialmedia.com/lively/batik90r1/index.svg
@4213>console log started
@89161>loaded basic library
@201161>Loaded platform-independent graphics primitives
@374308>added 'kicker' -a delayed to call to window.onload (which is not 
being called by Batik etc)
@384876>Loaded basic DOM manipulation code
@511615>loaded Core.js
@566514>http://www.spatialmedia.com/lively/batik90r1/Text.js loaded in 
119889 ms
@936974>loaded Network.js
@1059924>http://www.spatialmedia.com/lively/batik90r1/Tools.js loaded in 
63611 ms
@1154098>http://www.spatialmedia.com/lively/batik90r1/Examples.js loaded 
in 92101 ms
@1157808>scratch is running
@2080799>Module load check done. 3 modules loaded.
@2080802>kicker running.
@2085440>created empty world
loaded in 3375 ms
loaded in 7040 ms
loaded in 10418 ms

-yes, those numbers are milliseconds  :-()

Pete F

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