[General] Re Batik/Rhino hangs on Chrome on a Mac

Chris Cunnington brasspen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 04:15:51 CET 2010

OK, this is interesting.

I downloaded the latest Java stuff into my Mac using Software Update.
I then opened up all three browsers - Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
In the first two this exercise is a total fail. In Safari it took me seven
minutes for the clock to appear the first time and six minutes the second
time. That's better than half an hour.

I'm running JRE 6, the latest that Apple is sending out. I looked up Batik.
It's an svg framework thing for use with Apache. I looked up Rhino. It's a
JavaScript engine written by Mozilla.
I learned what the Java console was, turned it on, and here's the output:

@651>console log started
@15838>loaded basic library
@35727>Loaded platform-independent graphics primitives
@62512>added 'kicker' -a delayed to call to window.onload (which is not
being called by Batik etc)
@64465>Loaded basic DOM manipulation code
@86279>loaded Core.js
@95951>http://www.spatialmedia.com/lively/batik90r1/Text.js loaded in 20723
@160391>loaded Network.js
@183875>http://www.spatialmedia.com/lively/batik90r1/Tools.js loaded in
11273 ms
@200082>http://www.spatialmedia.com/lively/batik90r1/Examples.js loaded in
15475 ms
@200648>scratch is running
@354330>Module load check done. 3 modules loaded.
@354331>kicker running.
@355193>created empty world
in 1580 ms
in 3809 ms
in 5399 ms

And It takes half the time for me, a mere 5 seconds, to load
anonymous_module_0. That's half the time of yours, but I don't see the point
of this metric, if the whole process takes six minutes.

I like this investigation, and I'm learning things here. But I don't see the
point of running LK in an applet.

And "scratch is running" (at @200648) What is that? I've been looking at
Scratch, the Squeak app for kids today, so is that it? Or is it some Java

... actually, I looked at the error log in my locally deployed LK, and it
references an attempt to download a file called Scratch.js. There is no such
file in the downloaded source files. But, in index.xhtml there is an attempt
to load a file called that. I guess it ignores the fact that it can't find

Naw, that can't be it. How can "scratch be running" if there is no scratch
file in the source code to run?

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