[General] Re Batik/Rhino hangs on Chrome on a Mac

Peter Fraser pfraser at spatialmedia.com
Wed Jan 6 01:12:02 CET 2010

Hi Chris

it sounds a little like java hasn't been installed for Chrome and 
Firefox   -can you run stuff at sun.java.com ( or 
http://www.spatialmedia.com/misc/JSniff.htm )?

In Safari it took me seven
minutes for the clock to appear the first time and six minutes the second
time. That's better than half an hour.



The half hour thing is something of a curiosity at the moment -and my 
working assumption is that this is all about whether Rhino optimization 
I was getting 8 minute-ish startup using a slightly older Batik version 
-but to run LK9.0 I needed to make some minor changes to the Batik-Rhino 
interface and use a newer Rhino (for the JS 1.5 stuff in LK9.0).

I know that batik/Rhino *can* start LK in comparable time to browsers 
(because Batik Squiggle does so). When I get some time to work on this 
some more, I'll put together a package with "an LK9.0 capable squiggle".

I like this investigation, and I'm learning things here. But I don't see the
point of running LK in an applet.

The obvious win would be to provide a solution (albeit involving a 
plugin) for IE users. Current IE lacks SVG or Canvas, and the javascript 
is very slow (but the latter at least is going to change -MS are working 
on a "v8 like" javascript engine).

For me, the real appeal of IE is to act as a safety net. LK on browsers 
is a thrilling high-wire act -if you should trip (ie if the browser 
won't do the job) there is no net to catch you. With java, you at least 
have options (ie a safety net). You can "fix" the browser and still 
deploy (as per my earlier post on the general list today)

And "scratch is running" (at @200648) What is that? I've been looking at
Scratch, the Squeak app for kids today, so is that it? Or is it some Java

No -it isn't *that* scratch (sadly) afaik. In fact, it was missing (and 
is optional), but Batik was choking on the lack of it, so rather than 
remove it from the script declarations I provided a 'hello i am running' 


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