[lively-kernel] Newbie, a few questions

Charles Monteiro charles at nycsmalltalk.org
Thu Jul 1 23:31:44 CEST 2010

Hi, I'm a long time Smalltalker , have done some JS work. I'm intrigued by
Lively Kernel. Some questions:

   1. Can I run my dev environment totally self contained i.e. without
   relying on a server to persist my "worlds" ?
   2. If so how do I do that ? i.e. what docs do I read to accomplish that.
   3. Any plans to extend JS syntax to support a Smalltalk like syntax?
   4. Are there already classes, frameworks for database connectivity ?
   5. Any examples of a form based app with transmission to an http servlet
   ? I'm trying to get the entire roundtrip picture of how one could bulld an
   app with user interactivity including persistence.
   6. Finally , any Lively Kernel coders that live in the NYC metro area?

Charles A. Monteiro
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