[lively-kernel] Feedback is Coming

Philip Weaver philmaker at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 06:09:56 CEST 2010

I have plenty of feedback for this project. I am usually too polite - but
now my feedback will not all be positive. Some pet projects need to be
killed. Some need to be excluded. Some aspects need to be modernized. As a
whole the core project UI needs to be reworked and polished. This is
probably extremely hard to justify inside an academic environment. The
overall message of Lively (and video demos) needs work. This project has the
potential to change the world. If I hurt anyone please just suck it up. I am
angry at this situation of few contributors and no funding.

The Lively Kernel project has been public for over two and half years. In
April of this year I had to nag to create a Wikipedia page for the project.
Dan mentioned the Sencha project in a recent email. The fact that they are
now a competitor to this project and recently acquired 14 million dollars
set me off. I am angry - but not at anyone in particular. If no one is
exploring any degree of funding to help propel this project or derivatives
then that is a great tragedy. Non-profit or commercial - still a great
tragedy. Equally, the fact that Lively is not spreading to other
institutions is also a tragedy.

I recently did some mockups <http://tinyurl.com/lively-mockups/> for Lively
in Google Drawings instead of the wiki. Jens sent an email reminding the 98
mailing list subscribers to remember to use the wiki. I have been the most
active external user of the Lively wiki - however that was last spring. The
wiki is one of the coolest aspects of this project. I am not currently using
Lively or the wiki much due to extremely inadequate hardware. Due to the
level of my own personal standards of quality, drawing in the wiki is going
to completely frustrate me. The problem of few using the wiki needs to be
solved. Polish the UI. Find more users beyond the 98 on the mailing list.
Find funding.

So I have more feedback coming. I'll try to be kind. I am angry. Suck it up.
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