[lively-kernel] Self-style object outliners

Dan Ingalls Dan at Squeakland.org
Wed Mar 10 01:01:08 CET 2010

Adam wrote...

> > It's great to have you playing around with LK and Self-like experiments.  I have wanted to revisit our Morphic from the standpoint of flexibility for deconstruction/reconstruction - something that Self under Randy and Dave did really well; we lost a bit ot that in Squeak and a bit more in Lively.
>Can you give me an example of the kind of flexibility you mean? (It's
>been a while since I played with Squeak.)

Yes.  To a fair extent in Self, if you pulled, eg, a listPane out of a browser, I think it was not that difficult to use it for something else.  We need to review at how widgets are composed in order to maximize this flexibility.  I think Fabrik is the best way to do this for a significant class of apps, but iit is made for it.  It may be possible to go fairly far with even the simpler morphs.  Another example is tearing menu items off to make buttons, and dropping buttons in menus to make new items.  That kind of thing.

	- D

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