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Dan Ingalls danhhingalls at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 04:49:06 CEST 2010

Hi Casey -

I'm answering your query publicly because this may be confusing to 
several people.

Yes, Lively bypasses the need for HTML and CSS and does everything itself.

However, many possible clients use CSS as a vehicle for factoring out 
style metrics (window title bar color, etc) in their web content and, 
moreover, they expect to be able to approach things this way.

It would be pretty easy, and probably a good thing, for Lively to 
support this level of factored style.  Thus, just as you may set a 
number of preferences in localconfig.js, you might want to put your 
window color scheme in a CSS file.  It's not a big deal, but I think 
it may be worth meeting the rest of the planet half-way on this.

Much more important, though, is how would you like Lively to look?

Thank you for requesting clarification

	- Dan
>I'm a bit confused. There may be a piece of the puzzle I don't 
>understand well, as I'm new to lively.
>As I understand it, lively largely bypasses HTML by rendering 
>directly to the SVG canvas, correct? If this is the case, how would 
>CSS help?
>On Sep 9, 2010, at 4:45 PM, Dan Ingalls 
><<mailto:DanHHIngalls at gmail.com>DanHHIngalls at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Good People,  it's time to decorate!
>>It has become clear to me that Lively will only be a toy to many 
>>people as long as it continues to look like geekware.  There are 
>>two things required to improve our look:   artistic sense, and a 
>>knack for CSS or similar controls.  I have neither.
>>But I have friends...
>>All you lurkers out there:  It's time to give Lively a few minutes 
>>of your time
>>	Choose one or two web pages that you love, share the links with us,
>>	and say what you like about them that's relevant to Lively
>>	If you happen to know CSS, please send along suggestions
>>	about how you would most like to see it supported.
>>In the next day or two, we'll put a prototype page out in the wiki 
>>that you can redecorate with your favorite style.  That will give 
>>us a sense of what's needed to get a decent range of style and how 
>>to keep it lively.
>>It may seem stupid to spend time on appearance, but it could be the 
>>most significant thing we do for support in the next couple of 
>>	- Dan
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