[lively-kernel] Lively Challenges

Jens Lincke jens.lincke at hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Wed Nov 9 17:43:29 CET 2011

Dear List,

if there are some people on the list who would like to do some fun project with Lively but don't know what to do...
Here are two ideas. These should be rather simple but at the same time fun and pretty much standard.
A Lively Blog:
- We have our journaling morphs for quite a long time, they are nice but a problem is, that the content is pretty much 
bound to the Morphs. Why not build a part that stores and retrieves its text contents from a CouchDB? 
Comments should also be very easy and one would not have to save the page (and run into conflicts) by
commenting? It's not the typical lively way to do it but I think it is not so far away of how a normal web programmer 
would approach such a problem.

A Lively Chat:
The same idea of using a third mean to store and distribute data.... a nodejs server or couchdb app. 
Should be very simple but there is no such thing in the parts bin... lets change this.

If someone want's to do this but needs help or documentation I am willing to provide those or point to people who can do so. 

But I think others from the "Lively Team" have ideas and things they wanted to do but did not have the time to do itself....
why not post it here?


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