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Lauritz Thamsen l.thamsen at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 26 19:26:32 CEST 2011

Hi Keith,

> Text Field has a menu item - "Convert to annotation" I don't get it, ok so
> you get a pin which has rollover behaviour. what has this got to do with a
> text field? Is it not a different part entirely. 
We had/have a lot of comments in our worlds that have been just text, like this:

	LT: Maybe we should...

Especially on some documentation worlds these were really annotations and opinions – not part of the documentation or whatever a world originally showed. The annotation with its mouse-over behavior offers a less distracting way to add further information or opinions, while being easily readable through hovering. It also adds the author and a timestamp to alleviate discussions. The "convert to annotation" menu item of text is a convenient way to convert existing "text comments" to instances of the new part...

> An annotation part, could reveal a whole world when rolled over, the
> annotation-world can contain anything. Ok that is exactly what the pin does,
> so I still don't get the "convert to annotation" menu item.

The current annotation part is only a part and wasn't meant to hold complete worlds. In my opinion, it's easier and more straightforward to just use a world, while using the annotations to add more details, side thoughts or opinion that do not fit the main line of argument or flow of a tutorial...But if you like such a "world-holding"-part, there's definitely space in the PartsBin for it..so feel free to build one :-)

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