[lively-kernel] Code reorganization in Webwerkstatt - please check your js files

Keith P. Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 29 10:33:48 CEST 2011

I am writing a little utility, it looks for all file paths referenced in the "codebase", and looks to see where those files are now. The plan is to enable re-writing.

A couple of questions arising:

I cant find any references to Main.js am I missing something obvious? I assume it is a testing thing because it loads other testing things.

Trivial: There is a reference to media/nocursor.gif in the comments of localconfig.js but no file "in" the codebase.

Can't seem to find...

In: lively/bootstrap.js
     UNREACHABLE lively/OldBase.js
     UNREACHABLE lively/scene.js
     UNREACHABLE lively/Text.js
     UNREACHABLE lively/Storage.js
     UNREACHABLE lively/Tools.js
     UNREACHABLE lively/EmuDom.js
     UNREACHABLE lively/CanvasExptCoreFixes.js
     UNREACHABLE lively/CanvasExpt.js
     UNREACHABLE generated/combinedModules.js
In: lively/Main.js
     UNREACHABLE Tests/FabrikTest.js



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