[lively-kernel] Code reorganization in Webwerkstatt - please check your js files

Fabian Bornhofen fbornhofen at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 29 20:16:12 CEST 2011

Hi Keith -

it is important to notice that LK should still be able to display in
different rendering environments. When I started hacking LK, we
already had the new HTML-based system. However, HTML canvas and SVG
have never been abandoned. Bootstrap.js still checks what a world
wants to be rendered on.

As for combinedModules, that is only supported in Webwerkstatt and I
think that's one of the points where we are still cleaning up (i.e. it
should be disabled at the Moment). I think it makes sense to speed up
loading. Setup of combinedModules.js is non-trivial, though. There are
SVN post-commit hooks in the Webwerkstatt server that regenerate this
file every time a standard module has changed. I didn't know that
until Robert told me last week, thanks again :).

About the other files, I don't know. I understand that most HTML text
support now lives in TextCore.js and I'm not sure how that relates to
Text.js, for instance.

It's valuable that you're looking at these things.


On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 1:33 AM, Keith P. Hodges
<keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> I am writing a little utility, it looks for all file paths referenced in the "codebase", and looks to see where those files are now. The plan is to enable re-writing.
> A couple of questions arising:
> I cant find any references to Main.js am I missing something obvious? I assume it is a testing thing because it loads other testing things.
> Trivial: There is a reference to media/nocursor.gif in the comments of localconfig.js but no file "in" the codebase.
> Can't seem to find...
> In: lively/bootstrap.js
>     UNREACHABLE lively/OldBase.js
>     UNREACHABLE lively/scene.js
>     UNREACHABLE lively/Text.js
>     UNREACHABLE lively/Storage.js
>     UNREACHABLE lively/Tools.js
>     UNREACHABLE lively/EmuDom.js
>     UNREACHABLE lively/CanvasExptCoreFixes.js
>     UNREACHABLE lively/CanvasExpt.js
>     UNREACHABLE generated/combinedModules.js
> In: lively/Main.js
>     UNREACHABLE Tests/FabrikTest.js
> cheers
> Keith
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