[lively-kernel] Debugger now available in all worlds

Roeder, Marko Marko.Roeder at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Mon Feb 13 10:16:27 CET 2012

> I pasted in the Workspace :
> // Just Ctrl-D on the code BELOW will make Ellipse
> // Shift-Ctrl-D will show debugger, step by step will make the morph
> undefined at line 3
> var bounds = new Rectangle(0,0,200,100)
> var morph = new lively.morphic.Morph(new lively.morphic.Shapes.Ellipse(bounds))
> morph.setFill(Color.yellow)
> morph.openInWorld();

... if you separate the shape creation it does work:

var new lively.morphic.Shapes.Ellipse(bounds)
var morph = new lively.morphic.Morph(shape)

Just a quick work around and maybe it helps debugging the debugger... ;-)

	- Marko
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