[lively-kernel] More Sounds!

Daniel Ingalls danhhingalls at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 03:31:38 CET 2012

Hey Sound Hackers - 

Now the keyboard can be hooked to a realtime synthesizing player using the PluckedSound algorithm from Squeak.  Note that glissando actually posts and plays many notes at once!  Check it out at...


[Should work in recent Chrome of Firefox - we're still looking for help getting the Flash compatibility to kick in with Safari and Opera]

The SoundPlayer code is in the object editor on that page.  If you are interested in the synth algorithms, the code for AbstractSound and PluckedSound is in...


Technology has been kind to us:  with plenty of cycles and fast floating point, I was able to make the code quite a bit simpler.


   - Dan

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