[lively-kernel] Most important things to fix

Ted Kaehler Ted at vpri.org
Wed Feb 29 00:41:20 CET 2012

I was caught in a bad state when my internet went down.  I clicked on 
(E), and the system went off to fetch that tool.  There was no reply, 
and Lively was completely locked up.  Every minute I get Chrome's 
dialog "Kill Page" or "Wait".

Is there a way to stop this request and continue working in the page? 
Cmd-Period did not work.  No Lively object would respond.

A basic requirement of Lively is that I be able to stop any internet 
request and continue working.

This leads me to my second question.  How can I easily load what I 
need to work completely locally?  I need a local server on my machine 
that has the javascript files and the parts bin.  I'd like to have 
everything that Lively needs to run and do development.

I understand that this has been discussed on the list.  I would like 
to try the current best solution.

(I am just a beginner.)


Ted Kaehler
If at first you don't succeed  ...  get new batteries.    --anon
Viewpoints Research Institute

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