[lively-kernel] image persistence

David Paola dpaola2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 01:51:56 CET 2013

Hi lively kernel folks,

I've spent the past month or so digging around in several language VMs -- CPython, Rubinius, Topaz, Pypy, etc in an attempt to add the equivalent of the original Smalltalk "snapshot" VM primitive. Obviously I have been naive.

I've learned a lot, above all else that I'm not giving up. I have a decent, academic understanding of compilers, interpreters, VMs (and a foggy understanding of JITs), and was curious if anyone could clarify how the lively kernel serializes the world into JSON. Was this hairy? What were the hardest parts?

I realize everyone has a full time job and can't hand-hold a newbie, so any direction at all would be appreciated. I tried to pick apart the Squeak source code but without a background in the Squeak architecture, it was fruitless.

Thanks so much for your energy on lively kernel, I'm looking forward to hearing more and possibly contributing in the future.


More info:

I realize that the "high level" idea of snapshotting a running VM basically involves serializing the object memory, bytecode, and instruction pointer, and then deserializing that on "resume". Most of the issues I'm encountering lead me to believe I have an incomplete understanding.

Dave Paola

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