[lively-kernel] LK ready for prototyping?

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sat Mar 9 07:04:26 CET 2013

I still believe that the easiest "push button" deployment would be an 
easy-to-install package for Seaside. The Seaside all-in-one + bundled LK 
would be about as good as you could get.


On 3/6/13 12:56 PM, Daniel Ingalls wrote:
> Hi Chip -
> Let me echo your appreciation for Robert answering your earlier post 
> in depth.
> I thought i would add a few comments, for what they are worth 
> ,regarding your latest questions...
> Regarding control over "interactivity".  What we are talking about 
> here is the distinction between "design time" behavior and 
> "deployment" behavior.  Because we use the system almost exclusively 
> for exploration, we have not devoted a lot of attention to making a 
> good push-button solution to deployment.  That said, all the controls 
> are there in various places, and it would be a fruitful collaboration 
> if you wanted to seek our advice, and then offer back some 
> capabilities along the lines of such a solution.
> About IE, I'd like to point out that recent releases of IE (9 and 
> later) are perfectly capable of running LK decently, and it is only a 
> question of priority that we are not currently supporting IE.  If this 
> matters to you, or anyone else, it would probably not take more than a 
> week to get things running decently, and then a bit of periodic 
> testing that can be automated as we do with the other browsers.
> About stripping, there is a lot of supporting technology, but no 
> packaged instrument.  Here again, a week or two of playing around 
> would get you very far, since the serialization that saves worlds is 
> well-instrumented, and the global method wrapping that performs method 
> counts is capable of detecting all unused methods for a given test case.
> Our community is right now quite small, but also quite capable, and we 
> are working on plans that should more than double our activity (and in 
> the kind of direction you seek) in the next couple of months.  Stay 
> tuned for that.
>   - Dan

Squeak from the very start (introduction to Squeak and Pharo Smalltalk for the (almost) complete and compleate beginner).

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