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On 3/21/2013 8:31 AM, Brad Fuller wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Casey,
> The particular issue I have with squeak is it's issue of accessing the 
> Internet securely - school IT departments have an issue - they don't know 
> who/what/ squeak is and going through the red tape is a potential 
> problem.  And the web-browser plugin was always a bit of an issue as well. 
> I don't know if anyone is working on the plugin for web browsers... but I 
> want to deploy for easy inclusion in a browser... or at the very least 
> connect to the net.

Since no one has commented, shall I assume Squeak browser plugin is a no go?

> I don't usually cross-post, but I've included this msg on the Squeak-dev 
> ML since you advocate the use of etoys in a production environment (which 
> I admit I haven't actually defined what "production" means)
> thanks again,
> brad
> On 3/21/2013 3:08 AM, Casey Ransberger wrote:
>> Etoys is in real use in real schools all over the place. I use it as a 
>> replacement for HyperCard at times myself. If you can be more specific 
>> about what's making you nervous about Etoys, that might help folks steer 
>> you in the right direction. If you pull up the preferences browser via 
>> the halo on the Etoys desktop, search for etoyfriendly, and disable it, 
>> you'll unlock the underlying Smalltalk programming environment (Squeak.) 
>> Squeak is *definitely* production (or maybe "product") worthy.
>> Another system which is a bit easier to learn, but generally less 
>> powerful, is Scratch.
>> Lively Kernel is a research system, so it's less likely to be "product 
>> like" than those two if that's what you're looking for.
>> On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 4:27 PM, Brad Fuller <brad at bradfuller.com 
>> <mailto:brad at bradfuller.com>> wrote:
>>     Hi All,
>>     New to the list. Have several questions that Dan suggested you would
>>     have great insight.
>>     I'm researching better ways to help kids experientially learn (K-8
>>     primarily but up to college is planned). I have not yet found a
>>     platform or system better than etoys. But, etoys is not quite a
>>     production platform. And, I would like platform/system to be
>>     accessible everywhere. I've also contemplated deploying Django and
>>     writing the apps in Python.
>>     My questions: are there better alternatives? Could you offer avenues
>>     for further research into a production system? Would the
>>     lively-kernel be a good alternative? Or will it continue to be a
>>     prototyping system? Could I start a demo on lively-kernel and expect
>>     I could port it to a production environment (that is if lively-kernel
>>     or facsimile is planned for production.)
>>     Thanks much!
>>     brad
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