[lively-kernel] Looking to pare down LK

David Mason dmason at ryerson.ca
Wed Sep 10 21:28:14 CEST 2014

Lively Kernel is way cool!

Unfortunately, it doesn't address my needs directly.

I am developing a web app and I want 2 things:

1) a nice IDE that lets me develop Javascript code, test it out, and
where I can hide it when I need the whole screen for the app.  LK does
(most) of this.

2) the deliverable needs to load very quickly, so I need to be able to
deploy something where (at least most of LK) is out of the picture.
The app was previously written with Amber Smalltalk so depends on a
very Smalltalk-like class hierarchy, so I would want most of what is
in the base "classes" in core/lively/lang but not much more (maybe
net, definitely not morphic).

Is this doable?  Is there a template for it, or a how-to?

(Actually the app is currently in Amber Smalltalk, but I'm considering
moving to more-or-less pure javascript.  I would write tools to
automatically translate translate the Smalltalk to Javascript/LK.
Hmm, I wonder how doable it would be to add a Smalltalk parser/editor
to edit the .st files directly.  It would obviously have a different
object/class model, but could use Smalltalk syntax.  Any opinion on
how difficult that would be?)

Thanks  ../Dave

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