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Robert Krahn robert at kra.hn
Wed Apr 27 21:38:03 CEST 2016

Hi Carlos –

I think there are various projects underway in the Lively realm. I
personally can only speak for projects happening around the Lively wiki at
lively-web.org and http://email.kra.hn/c/eJxdjMsOgjAURL-m7GgKNUgXLBAfifhEY3RZvK2tFkQeKn8v4s5kMsnJyQwEQ8kIWDqIwvlufD0tz8mqjPXbmXBExw_kjtLkWET7RrqLA30pFdlizXO-TTZtImchGpCMa4MvfZ_vmaW6S84cSShLmeNTwgHA84kLMnUApEctE6i6LipEQ-ROu1x0rZr0u-5goZ_CtLEoc2H-EFtlYHq2bz8_IKrQuMm1XdzrCniGQXwAAbVFtg

We plan to focus on three areas in the next weeks and months:

1. A JavaScript module system that enhances support for live development,
development via Parts(Bins), isolation of dependencies and debugging /
reified execution. We are currently sketching out an implementation here

2. A more lightweight Morphic implementation that will hopefully allow more
scalable applications. Especially in regards to the PartsBin-style
development workflow where you typically copy a lot of objects, manually
and automatically, the current system is too heavy as object graphs can
quickly grow very large. The goal is too support the creation of
simulations and games without the need for low-level optimizations.

3. Support for sketching, programming by example, a more "casual" authoring
style. Astrid Thomschke's Tick Tock demo
<http://email.kra.hn/c/eJwtjstOwzAUBb_G2cUythvURRYhpZV4EyIESz-uazdObByX0L8nQkijsxjpSKPra7MlunB129y97U6fj6p7Svfu5-pWILb7QvRGdh-x7c-GPryzxdq2hGcxidfu5dKZQ4M4GYXz-Pi3KoyFrYkBAMIrqSvOOOHcUCGNUmxDoaJyW_ja5hwRaxDdr3j3Df5SLiBxSMdVxBROoPKMbR49omy2YVlreqcGRDeU9EENRar_fwOkCfwaYqPD58mVMeRZixFr-AXiJUiF> was a first approach
towards that topic and we are interested in exploring techniques that mix
sketching, touch, programming by example, etc.

If there are any topics or use cases you or others might be interested in
we would like to hear about that as well.


On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 12:28 PM, Carlos Crosetti <carlos.crosetti at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hi, I amlearning from the recent digest message about the existence of the
> projects page, I am glad to learn that page ws constructed.
> Is there any document showing the LK roadmp, whay would be the next
> fatures coming?
> Regards, Carlos
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