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Carlos Crosetti carlos.crosetti at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 22:44:18 CEST 2016

Thanks for the detals, I like the plan. Best regards, Carlos

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 4:38 PM, Robert Krahn <robert at kra.hn> wrote:

> Hi Carlos –
> I think there are various projects underway in the Lively realm. I
> personally can only speak for projects happening around the Lively wiki at
> lively-web.org
> <http://email.kra.hn/c/eJw9jbsOgjAAAL-mbJBCC5ShA4Ka-BaN0bEtBWqKYEGRv5c4mFxuuOVyGhYRzC1Fk3h1Su-3rch2Zq0-7pwBlD6BN-PZtU3Or8LbXNBQVYkt9-zBjtlhzIplDDCsmdJO-bNoaquiMA8IyTEnoetjCTHjJIiwFyHfD4jrQ0vTqu9bgGLgLSa0eks92oPkTmPKKViGCmZ00znCNJ3sezVt_ocvj5o4XA>
>  and https://github.com/LivelyKernel/LivelyKernel
> <http://email.kra.hn/c/eJxdjbsOgjAYRp-m3TS1xSBDB8RLonhDY3Qs5S-tqaCl3t5edHAw-fIlZzg5BQ9VRApseBLPtqPTcSGzpZubZ28sEBtdER3m2eGS7G6Kpnv20DrpwEpUYpOtX5maxiggZ2Fst_y-rM9Y8wHrhYQFoFgBguWyL8kgkhApQWQQAMWWa-8vDWIxopN2pfH6ln_sFlJzB_uag6vA_iF2XApn66YrXd2A96bN_8pv4n5C_w>
> .
> We plan to focus on three areas in the next weeks and months:
> 1. A JavaScript module system that enhances support for live development,
> development via Parts(Bins), isolation of dependencies and debugging /
> reified execution. We are currently sketching out an implementation here
> <http://email.kra.hn/c/eJw9jssOgjAURL-m7CRIUXTRBYKa-BaN0WXpvdiaIlqKyt-LLEwmk5zFyQywMB974CgWR4tDcrusRboxS_XpTzmhyZP4kyw9P-JjnfurE31LGfdwy-98n-6aNJ9HJPAKrrR77VqUhSPZAIIAQ-hzABHgADKOfgh8OKKQIx16jmbS2kdFaET8WZursrLOfnYLK_VC3SzR3FG3qDt0ixJqjZVjmOBGl5UrTFmhtao98N_-ArMGRHc>
> .
> 2. A more lightweight Morphic implementation that will hopefully allow
> more scalable applications. Especially in regards to the PartsBin-style
> development workflow where you typically copy a lot of objects, manually
> and automatically, the current system is too heavy as object graphs can
> quickly grow very large. The goal is too support the creation of
> simulations and games without the need for low-level optimizations.
> 3. Support for sketching, programming by example, a more "casual"
> authoring style. Astrid Thomschke's Tick Tock demo
> <http://email.kra.hn/c/eJw9zr1uwjAUhuGrcTaixIfwM3gICVQq_YE0qmC0T2xscHDquKTcPVEHpE_v8E1Pw-ZqmTSRYUX--lWej-9Yffit-UvXnED5Q-hKVIeuqH8VffuGQetiIj_5le-r3b1SLzmZJi03Nj79F10bacapwLQBgPlsiQgoF5mYZVSlwBUIvogs0yF0BHJCN-OsuUl7nwxSxM6fxqPz7iwx9LEOrSUUeu2GUVMbvBCa0aR2eIk8Q-6t62P0rpchmJHyVDwA7bNGAg> was
> a first approach towards that topic and we are interested in exploring
> techniques that mix sketching, touch, programming by example, etc.
> If there are any topics or use cases you or others might be interested in
> we would like to hear about that as well.
> Best,
> Robert
> On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 12:28 PM, Carlos Crosetti <
> carlos.crosetti at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi, I amlearning from the recent digest message about the existence of
>> the projects page, I am glad to learn that page ws constructed.
>> Is there any document showing the LK roadmp, whay would be the next
>> fatures coming?
>> Regards, Carlos
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