[General] Punch list for the release

Daniel Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at Sun.com
Sat Apr 4 21:35:02 CEST 2009

Dear Citizens of Lively, Lurkers, and Lively Team -

I want to wrap up a good release of the Lively Kernel in the next week  
or so.  Here is a list of things that need to be done:

1.  Document everything that's in it.  i don't mean detailed  
documentation, I just mean a "Table of Contents" sort of thing so  
surfers will discover that we have, eg, WebDAV code, SVN access code,  
OMeta parser, etc, plus some pointers to the half-done experiments  
like canvas support, alternative class models, etc.

2.  Bring the home page up to date with regard to such things as  
License, etc.

3.  Fix some known bugs, to wit...

*  Dragging objects through wormholes introduces a y-offset.  I caused  
this while making the canvas version work.

*  Dragging spinning star and other ticking objects through wormholes  
seems to cause extra cals to get put in the scheduler(s), and also  
strange behavior with drop-shadows.

*  [canvas] Would be nice to get enough JSON support working to  
actually save a canvas page and get it back.

*  [canvas] Need some work with damage rectangles or there may be  
errors in some of the browsers.

*  It seems that loading LK no longer works when  
Config.loadSerializedSubworlds = false.  Phil's recent message may  
point to the solution there

*  Track down why LK no longer runs in Chrome, and put in a work- 
around if possible

*  Track down why LK crashes WebKit (and Safari 4 beta), and either  
give them enough info to fix it or put in a work-around if possible

*  Ideally have the release run *well* on the latest releases (and  
those soon to come) of Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

*  Ditto for the canvas version

*Anyone want to get it running in Opera?  We think it mostly does  
except for some JavaScript nits like comma not allowed after last item  
in Array and Object literals.

We could probably use TRAC for this, and I'd be happy if anyone wants  
to transfer these items to TRAC, but for now, I think it's fine to use  
the mail list, and I intend to fix the first two problems related to  
wormholes myself in the next day or two.

Lively Up, Guys and let's make it a great release!

	- Dan

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