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Dan Ingalls danhhingalls at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 01:20:55 CEST 2010

Hi, Phil -

Although I haven't said a word until now, it's only because I was 
travelling and am still juggling a bunch of different 

	I really like what you did.

I've been trying to juggle the notions of worlds and menus and 
palettes for the many possible modes of use of  lively, and I think 
that tab-based palette panels are ideal.  Integrating this with 
browsing is also very cool.

I made a run at common code for windows and tabs at one point, which 
should reduce the work to merely making palettes work with windows, 
except it appears that code didn't make it through one of the windows 
updates.  My theory was that tabbed panels are exactly like windows 
from the standpoint of the content, and the only real difference is 
in the behavior of the two kinds of tabs.  If I get some time, I'll 
get this part working again.

The other thought I had, which I've voiced here before, is that we 
need to make it a primary goal to have Lively be the vehicle of 
choice for us to do such mockups and presentations.  It was this 
commitment that made Squeak into the wonderful media tool that it is. 
Furthermore, it's just not that hard.  If we just had 3 or 4 of us 
working on it for a month I think we could reach a major plateau.

So I guess this could be a companion message to yours -- folks who 
want a no-coding project could help you out, and those who want some 
simple (*) coding projects could help make Lively into a better 
composition environment.

And let's not forget the real challenge:
     - to be able to build Phil's vision faster in LK than to mock it 
up elsewhere ;-)

	- Dan

(*) truly these are simple tweaks for the most part -- nothing like 
getting WebDAV or SVG working.  If someone doesn't beat me to it, 
I'll post a starting task list in the next few days

>Seventy-eight people are subscribed to this mailing list for Lively. 
>Eighteen people are subscribed to the digest. I want to find at 
>least one individual who has interest in contributing to UI mockups 
>for Lively's future and to help keep conversation related to this on 
>this mailing list alive daily. No coding involved necessarily and it 
>ought to be fun and rewarding.
>I made an effort to get started over at Google Drawings - Google 
>Drawings already supports live collaboration. At some point these 
>drawings could be exported as SVG and imported into Lively worlds. 
>I'm also currently working on a design document to explain some of 
>these drawings and related concepts.
>Philip Weaver
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