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Comment:  Lively Kernel can be seen as a fork of Morphic. While the 
needs of an internet interface won't always be the same as the needs of 
a desktop-oriented application, it would probably be good for there to 
be some (at least semi-formal) examination by the Squeak world of what 
is going on in the Lively Kernel world.

Anyone interested in Morphic's (and Tweak's?) future direction should be 
at least be monitoring that url below. Also, the documentation of LK 
might be suitable for use with Morphic, with suitable modifications. And 
of course, useful insights can go both ways.

Just more of my B.rainS.torming....


On 6/22/10 2:50 PM, Philip Weaver wrote:
> Seventy-eight people are subscribed to this mailing list for Lively. 
> Eighteen people are subscribed to the digest. I want to find at least 
> one individual who has interest in contributing to UI mockups for 
> Lively's future and to help keep conversation related to this on this 
> mailing list alive daily. No coding involved necessarily and it ought 
> to be fun and rewarding.
> I made an effort to get started over at Google Drawings - Google 
> Drawings already supports live collaboration. At some point these 
> drawings could be exported as SVG and imported into Lively worlds. I'm 
> also currently working on a design document to explain some of these 
> drawings and related concepts.
> http://tinyurl.com/lively-panel/
> Thanks,
> Philip Weaver
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