[lively-kernel] Lively2-rc3

Fabian Bornhofen fabian.bornhofen at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Mon Aug 22 09:50:46 CEST 2011

Hi Milan,

I agree that the Linux installer is still a pain - we chose XAMPP 
because we wanted the same Apache on all Distros. It looks like that is 
still not sufficient. A reliable solution could be to have distribution 
specific installers that install the required packages from package 
management and then set up Lively.

On 8/22/11 2:58 AM, milan zimmermann wrote:
> "svnadmin load" did not load the svndump into the
> previously created repository - even though it listed "adding path" and
> "commit", no files showed up in the expected directory.

To check if svnadmin load worked, try to check out the repository:
mkdir lively_svn
svn co file://PATH_TO_YOUR_REPOSITORY lively_svn
and see if the files show up in lively_svn.

If mod_dav_svn is configured correctly, it talks directly to the 
repository and you can see its contents in the web browser. Did that 
work for you?


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