[lively-kernel] Thank you. Future commitment to HTML/CSS rendering? Lively + three.js??

Jay Skeer jpp at seanet.com
Fri Sep 23 08:24:16 CEST 2011

back in Jul 11, 2011/, wrote:

We have refactored the rendering architecture so that it can equally
easily support not only SVG and Canvas, but also standard HTML and

I've had fun playing around with the sneak peak at Lively 2.0.  Seems to 
work for me in Chrome.  I've enjoyed poking trough the code base, then 
went off and read the OMeta/JS paper.  A big thank you to all the folks 
that make it happen!

What prompted my revisiting lively was that I want to play with 
three.js, but I have no interest in messing with HTML/CSS ...  I *think* 
I can get the .external HTML shape rendering to put a canvas tag on the 
page, and then I *think* I can figure out how to get webgl drawing 3d in 
the 'viewport'.  *Then* I can connect sample webgl/three.js programs 
hooked up to some simple GUI written in Lively  (My very first 
experiment will be -- what do these camera controls do?).  Thats my 
rough plan.

So my question is: How committed to the HTML/CSS rendering is the 
project?  Can't have canvas open with both a 2d context and a 3d context 
(though if you've messed with the Secondlife client as much as I have it 
is an obvious usecase.)

Of the three options for rendering, which has the best performance 
currently: svg, canvas, html/css?

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